Name Estimate time Price From Summary Description
Soft top cleaning and Protection 6-9 Hours £195 Soft top steam cleaned, dried and weather protected.
Winter Protection Pack 4-5 Hours £295 2 bucket wash system, Vehicle coating HD wax, wheels and windows protected
Upgrade: Wheel Armour 8- 12 Hours Face of wheels : £200×4

Entire wheels: £600×4

Excellent stain and contamination resistance. A single application last up to one year
Window Screen Protection 4 Hours £75 Lasts for up to 2 years/30 000miles, keeps windshields clean for a longer time, bugs and ice easy to remove, water repellent

Leather Guard

12 Hours £125 together with interior detail £349 Best protection against friction and staining for all fabrics
Gtechniq Liquid Crystal 2 Hours £75 Instant, effective protection from UV and dirt. Durability up to 8 months.
Gtechniq EXOv2 12 -15 Hours £995 Hybrid of a chemically bonding hard inorganic base coat and a slick wet looking and highly dirt and water repellent organic top coat.
Gtechniq Crystal Serum’s 12-19 Hours £1495

Add EXOv2 £1495+ 350

Extreme surface protection, leading level of gloss, scratch and chemical resistance and durability



Gtechniq Liquid Crystal

Estimate time: 2 Hours                    

Price: From £75

Makes your car shine and stay clean longer. With C2 Liquid Crystal you get instant, effective protection from UV and dirt. C2 Liquid Crystal has a durability of up to 8 months. Recommended with our standard detail wash.

Gtechniq EXOv2

Estimate time: 12- 15 hours                  

Price: From £995

EXOv2 offers sensational surface functionality and protection. EXOv2 works on a very wide range of substrates including paint, gel coat, glass, metal, fabric and stone.

Based on the next generation of inorganic-organic hybrid materials it embodies our goal to offer products that work harder and smarter meaning more time enjoying your vehicle and less time maintaining it.
EXO can be applied as a standalone sealant or as a top layer for Crystal Serum.

Application Process: following Detailing Stage 1 or 2

Vehicle fully cleaned and dried using Gtechniq panel wipes with Micro-fiber buff cloths. EXOv2 applied to vehicle using soft application pads, this process takes around 3-4 hours, and this process is repeated twice.
We recommend the vehicle stays dry for at least 12 hours post application and 3 hours after application

Gtechniq Crystal Serum’s

Estimate time: 12 – 19 Hours      

Price: From £1495
Gtechniq Crystal Serum + EXOv2 – £ 1495 + 350

A single application of Crystal Serum not only forms a thicker protective barrier than standard nano- coats, it also offers independently proven class leading level of gloss, scratch and chemical resistance as well as durability.

Crystal Serum can be applied either as a stand- alone product or for the ultimate in hydrophobic function it can be over coated with Gtechniq EXOv2.

Application Process: following Detailing Stage 1 or 2

Vehicle fully cleaned and dried using Gtechniq panel wipes with Micro fibre buff cloths. Serum applied to vehicle using soft application pads, this process takes around 4-5 hours as only a small panel or quarter of a large panel can be coated at one time. We recommend vehicle stays dry for at least 12 hours post application and 3-6 hours after application.

EXOv2 coating is recommended with crystal serum for hydrophobic improved function.

Gtechniq Leather Guard

Price: £125

Leather Guard offers the best protection against friction and staining. The friction protection is particularly important on seat bolsters, seat piping and any other high wear areas. The anti-stain function is particularly worthwhile on light coloured leathers that are typically stained by dark colour fabrics such as jeans. It also makes any die transfer much easier to remove.

For best results apply to new leather or leather that has been valeted and detailed cleaned. Recommended with our interior detailing service.

Application Process: Allow interior to dry after cleaning and then coat with a thin even layer of Leather Guard. Allow to dry for 30 minutes to 1 hour before use.

For the very best results clean and then reapply a coat of Leather Guard.

It is recommended to coat the interior with Leather Guard every 3-6 months for long lasting protection.

Soft top Cleaning and Protection

Estimate time: 6-9 Hours

Price: From £ 195

  • Using the latest cabriolet soft top products The Roof is steam cleaned and washed. This can involve a number of stages
  • Extensively and vigorously steam the whole of the soft top and mouldings around the soft top fabric
  • Steam clean the frame to remove all grime and dirt
  • Roof air dried and prepped for protection
  • Roof sealant and proofer applied twice to protect the fabric and roof from water, weather and dirt build up

Winter Protection Package

Estimated Time: 4- 5 Hours

Price: From £295

We can offer our customers an exclusive Winter Protection Package to protect the exterior of your vehicle during the winter season.

Note: this service is only for new or slightly used cars which do not require machine polish or the service can be added to one of the services which involves machine polish

  • Whole vehicle snow foamed
  • Full vehicle hand washed using 2 bucket washing system and extremely soft and plush wash mitts made from natural wool
  • Alloy wheels extensively cleaned using specialist alloy wheel cleaner
  • Vehicle clay bar to remove surface contamination
  • Pre wax cleaner applied
  • Vehicle coated with Autoglym HD wax
  • Door shuts treated with wax to give extra protection during winter time
  • Wheels protected with Autoglym Radiant Wax (can be upgraded to Gtechniq C5)
  • Whole interior of the vehicle cleaned and vacuumed
  • Interior glass and mirrors cleaned
  • Tyres dressed with specialist resistant tyre gel
  • Chrome and steel surfaces polished
  • Windows cleaned and protected (can be upgrade to Gtechniq window coating – lasts up to 18,000 miles)

Wheel Armour C5

Time: 8-12 Hours: Price

Face of the wheel £200 x4
Entire wheels from £600 x4

By using a unique chemical bond to become the functional surface of your rims making them dirt and brake dust repellent as well as being much easier to clean. A single application lasts up to one year.

C5 Wheel Coating can be applied to the face of the wheel or to the entire wheel; the cost of the coating also depends on the size and design of the wheel.

It can be added as an extra service to any of our detailing services.

Windscreen Protection (Clear vision Smart Glass)

Price: from £75

Window coating Lasts for up to two years / 30,000 miles making wet weather driving both safer and less tiring. Also keeps windshields cleaner for longer and makes bugs and ice easy to clean off. Clear Vision Smart Glass has excellent durability and exceptionally low smear characteristics making it ideal for vehicle windscreens.

It can be added as an extra service to any of our detailing services.